Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Friday 10:00 10 AI Village Organizers AI Village Opening Remarks
Friday 10:15 45 Joshua Saxe, META Keynote: The last attempted AI revolution in security, and the next one (Slides on Google Drive)
Friday 11:00 15 Will Pearce CTF Kickoff and Introduction
Friday 11:30 25 Kyle Easterly; Mitch Kitter LLMs: Loose Lips Multipliers
Friday 12:00 25 Adhishree Kathikar; Aishwarya Nair Assessing the Vulnerabilities of the Open-Source Artificial Intelligence (AI) Landscape: A Large-Scale Analysis of the Hugging Face Platform (Slides)
Friday 12:30 55 Marta Janus Not Just The Pickle: An Overview of Exploitable ML Serialization Formats
Friday 13:30 25 Ari Herbert-Voss; Shane Caldwell How NOT to Train your Hack Bot: Dos and Don’ts of Building Offensive GPTs
Friday 14:00 55 Ram Shankar Siva Kumar A Few Useful Lessons about AI Red Teaming
Friday 16:00 55 Chloe Messdaghi moderating Panel: Unveiling the Secrets: Breaking into AI/ML Security Bug Bounty Hunting
Friday 17:00 55 Tom Bonner Ghost in the Neurons - ML Webshells
Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Saturday 10:30 55 Mikel Rodriguez; Daniel Fabian; Sarah Hodkinson Keynote 2: AI red teaming tradecraft: a team of teams approach (Slides)
Saturday 11:30 55 Eryk Salvaggio moderating Panel : Creative Misuse of AI Systems
Saturday 12:30 55 Robert Hudock; Nick Maietta LLM Legal Risk Management, and Use Case Development Strategies to Minimize Risk (Slides)
Saturday 13:30 55 Ben Gelman; Younghoo Lee The Sinister Synergy of Advanced AI: Automatically Orchestrating Large-scale Scam Campaigns with Large Generative Models (Slides)
Saturday 15:00 25 Adrian Wood you sound confused, anyways - thanks for the jewels. (Slides)
Saturday 15:30 25 Kenneth Yeung Hackaprompt 2023: Trials and Tribulations (Slides)
Saturday 16:00 25 Ram Shankar Siva Kumar Ignore the Law: The Legal Risks of Prompt Injection Attacks on Large Language Models
Saturday 16:30 55 Gavin Klondike ChatGPT: Your Red Teaming Ally
Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Sunday 10:00 25 Rafael Turner, Dedrone Fuzzing and Symbolic Execution: Offensive Techniques to Unmask Vulnerabilities in Neural Networks
Sunday 10:45 45 Sven Cattell GRT Report Out
Sunday 11:15 30 AI Village Organizers AI Village Closing Remarks


Last year we hosted StableDiffusion a few days before it’s release. This year we are returning with more demo stations and opening them to submissions! We will have 2 demo stations equipped with a pair of A6000, and a demo station for remote demos. We’ll be hosting ControlNet, Whisper, Alpaca, and notebooks that get into the gory details of these models.

If you want to present an open source demo that you think the security community should see, please get in touch!

Prompt Detective

Are you curious about the capabilities and limitations of large language models (LLMs) like GPT3 and Bloom? Do you want to participate in a unique exercise where you try to get LLMs to misbehave? Join us for Prompt Detective where you’ll learn about the technology behind LLMs, their applications, and their current limitations. We will have a few target LLMs set up where you can learn how to perform prompt injection against different levels of RLHF. This workshop is open to all individuals, regardless of their background or expertise. It is designed to teach prompt engineering techniques to beginners, and provide a safe target range for people to practice the basics of manipulating the egde cases of this new technology in potentially harmful ways.