AI Village @ DEF CON 28, Safe Mode

Fri, Aug 7, 2020 9:00 AM PST to Sun, Aug 9, 2020 4:00 PM PST

Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Friday 9:30 AM 30 AI Village Organizers Opening Remark
Friday 10:00 AM 30 @zh4ck , @drhyrum ML Security Evasion Competition 2020
Friday 10:30 AM 30 @erickgalinkin Baby’s First 100 MLSec Words
Friday 11:00 AM 90 TBD TBD Workshop 1
Friday 1:00 PM 30 @comathematician Hyperlocal Drift detection with Goko: Finding abusers of your Dataset
Friday 1:30 PM 30 Nahid Farhady Spectrum: An End-to-End Framework for ML-based Threat Monitoring and Detection
Friday 2:00 PM 50 @GTKlondike Hacking with Skynet - How AI is Empowering Adversaries
Friday 3:00 PM 60 N/A Breakout Session
Friday 4:00 PM 90 TBD Workshop 2
Saturday 9:30 AM 30 Nahid Farhady “SECRETS ARE LIES, SHARING IS CARING, PRIVACY IS THEFT.”- A Dive into Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
Saturday 10:00 AM 30 @lmeyerov Misinformation & Covid
Saturday 11:00 AM 90 TBD Workshop 3
Saturday 1:00 PM 60 AI Village Journal Club Journal Club Live! Fawkes Facial Recognition
Saturday 2:00 PM 60 TBD Does AI Live up to the Hype?
Saturday 3:00 PM 60 Everyone Breakout Session
Saturday 4:00 PM 90 TBD Workshop 4
Sunday 9:00 AM 30 Younghoo Lee and Joshua Saxe Detecting hand-crafted social engineering emails with a bleeding-edge neural language model
Sunday 10:00 AM 60 TBD Journal Club Live! Summoning Demons: The Pursuit of Exploitable Bugs in Machine Learning
Sunday 1:00 PM 60 Vahid Behzadan Faults in our Pi Stars: Security Issues and Challenges in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Sunday 2:00 PM 60 TBD Ethics & Bias Panel
Sunday 3:30 PM 30 TBd Closing Remarks

AI Village @ DEF CON 27

August 1, 2019

Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Friday 10:00 AM 15 AI Village Organizers Opening Remarks
Friday 10:15 AM 30 TBA Misinformation Keynote
Friday 10:45 AM 30 Siwei Lyu Seeing is deceiving: The rise of AI-synthesized fake media
Friday 11:15 AM 45 Lauren Putvin Exploratory Data Analysis: Why and How (in Python)
Friday 12:00 PM 45 Jon Hawes A 'buyers guide' to the market promise of automagic AI-enabled detection and response
Friday 1:00 PM 30 Ryan Kovar, Dave Herrald, David Veuve Network defenders in a data scientist world
Friday 1:30 PM 45 Angelo Oliveira Fighting Malware with Deep Learning
Friday 2:15 PM 30 Yisroel Mirsky Automated Injection & Removal of Medical Evidence in CT and MRI Scans
Friday 2:45 PM 45 Ethan Rudd Loss Is More! Improving Malware Detectors by Learning Additional Tasks
Friday 3:30 PM 30 Walter Scheirer Backdooring Convolutional Neural Networks via Targeted Weight Perturbations
Friday 4:00 PM 30 Roei Amit, Tal Leibovich How to get over your malicious ex(tensions) using deep learning
Friday 4:30 PM 30 Hyrum Anderson, Ryan Kovar Competitions in Infosec/ML
Friday 5:00 PM120TBDAI Unwind
Saturday 10:00 AM 45 Rand Waltzman MD: Multimedia Disinformation - Is there a Doctor in the House?!
Saturday 10:45 AM 45 Jason Mancusco Machine Learning's Privacy Problem
Saturday 11:30 AM 30 Richard Harang, Ethan Rudd A Tutorial on Hacking Facial Recognition Systems
Saturday 1:30 PM 30 Kenya Yoshimura, Takahiro Yoshimura Clairvoyance: concurrent lip-reading for the smart masses
Saturday 2:00 PM 30 Barton Rhodes Securing your kubeflow clusters
Saturday 2:30 PM 30 Laurin Weissinger AI vs. Airplanes and IT-Security: What Security Regulations Teach Us About AI Governance
Saturday 3:00 PM 30 Anna Skelton Deepfakes, Deep Trouble: Analyzing the Effects of Deepfakes on Market Manipulation
Saturday 4:00 PM 45 Samantha Cole, Danielle Citron, Rumman Chowdhury, Brit Paris Deep Fakes Panel
Saturday 5:00 PM120TBDAI Unwind
Sunday 10:00 AM 30 Jesus Solano, David Camacho Behavioral Biometrics and Context Analytics: Risk Based Authentication Re-Imagined
Sunday 10:30 AM 45 Tal Leibovich, Shimon Noam Oren From Noisy, Distorted data-sets to excellent prediction models
Sunday 11:15 AM 45 Vahid Behzadan Faults in our Pi Stars: Security Issues and Challenges in Deep Reinforcement Learning

AI Village @ DEF CON 26

August 1, 2018

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AI Village @ DEF CON China 1

May 1, 2018

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