Leadership Team

Anita Nikolich

Position: Board Member
Affiliation: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Expertise: Networking, Security

Ariel Herbert-Voss

Position: Board Member
Affiliation: OpenAI
Expertise: ML Red Teaming

Ariel Herbert-Voss is a Senior Research Scientist at OpenAI working on breaking machine learning systems at the algorithmic level, and loves all things to do with malicious uses and abuses of AI. Ariel is a PhD student at Harvard University and periodically conducts trainings on practical adversarial machine learning.

John Seymour

Position: Board Member Emeritus
Affiliation: Salesforce; University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Expertise: Network Intrusion Detection, ML for Offense

John works on the Defensive Security team at Salesforce, where he performs machine learning on security logs to alert to new attacks, to improve existing alerts and rules, and to find/make new contextual data to help in investigations. He previously focused on data science at a startup focused on social media security. He has presented at several security cons, including Black Hat, DEF CON, and SecTor.

Sagar Samtani

Position: Board Member
Affiliation: Indiana University
Expertise: ML Threat Detection

Dr. Sagar Samtani is an Assistant Professor and Grant Thornton Scholar in the Department of Operations and Decision Technologies at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Dr. Samtani graduated with his Ph.D. from the AI Lab in University of Arizona’s Management Information Systems department. Dr. Samtani’s research interests are in AI for Cybersecurity, specifically in developing deep learning and network science approaches for cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, open-source software, and Dark Web analytics. He has received funding from NSF’s SaTC, CICI, and SFS programs and has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles in information systems, machine learning, and cybersecurity venues.

Sven Cattell

Position: President, Board Member
Affiliation: nbhd.ai
Expertise: ML Defense, Geometric data analysis

Sven is the founder of nbhd.ai, a startup focused on the security and integrity of datasets and the AI they build. He was previously a senior data scientist at Elastic where he built the malware model training pipline. He has a PhD in Algebraic Topology, focused on equivariant K-Theory with Kac-Moody groups, and a postdoc in geometric machine learning where he focused on anomally and novelty detection.