Discord Guide

If you want to join our discord just follow this link. First thing you have to do is introduce yourself in the #start-here, then someone will give you the villager role.

Basic Rules

Please read the code of conduct. We also have the following general rules:

  1. Stay on topic, particularly in specialized channels; if you have something off-topic to post, take it to General/random

  2. NSFW content is not permitted

  3. No illegal behavior, no soliciting others to commit illegal acts

  4. No spamming or disrupting the availability of a channel to other participants

  5. As with harassment, participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or banned at the discretion of Village organizers without warning.

#start-here Channel

When you first join, you won’t have any roles, and won’t be able to post anywhere but here. Drop a note here, introduce yourself, say “Hi!”, and someone will give you a “Villager” role which will give you access to most of the rest of the channels. Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the community!

ElderVillager Role

This is for community members that have contributed to the village. Either by giving talks, workshops, or just being active in the channel for a while. ElderVillagers can invite new people to the discord and promote them to Villager to give them full access. Please be sure the new person has introduced themselves to the rest of us too!

Officer Role

This is for people who have organized substantial portions of an event, or other content for the village. They are well trusted by the community and have moderation powers. If you want to make a new reading group, or something reach out to someone with this role and they can help out.

Board Role

This role is for our board members, and has full moderation powers. They are the board members of the non-profit entity that manages the village, and are the leaders of the community. The buck stops with them. If there is any harassment or anything that violates our please contact them, or an officer.