AI Village @ DEF CON 28, Safe Mode

Fri, Aug 7, 2020 9:00 AM PST to Sun, Aug 9, 2020 4:00 PM PST

Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Friday 9:30 AM 30 AI Village Organizers Opening Remark
Friday 10:00 AM 30 @zh4ck , @drhyrum ML Security Evasion Competition 2020
Friday 10:30 AM 30 @erickgalinkin Baby’s First 100 MLSec Words
Friday 11:00 AM 90 TBD TBD Workshop 1
Friday 1:00 PM 30 @comathematician Hyperlocal Drift detection with Goko: Finding abusers of your Dataset
Friday 1:30 PM 30 Nahid Farhady Spectrum: An End-to-End Framework for ML-based Threat Monitoring and Detection
Friday 2:00 PM 50 @GTKlondike Hacking with Skynet - How AI is Empowering Adversaries
Friday 3:00 PM 60 N/A Breakout Session
Friday 4:00 PM 90 TBD Workshop 2
Saturday 9:30 AM 30 Nahid Farhady “SECRETS ARE LIES, SHARING IS CARING, PRIVACY IS THEFT.”- A Dive into Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
Saturday 10:00 AM 30 @lmeyerov Misinformation & Covid
Saturday 11:00 AM 90 TBD Workshop 3
Saturday 1:00 PM 60 AI Village Journal Club Journal Club Live! Fawkes Facial Recognition
Saturday 2:00 PM 60 TBD Does AI Live up to the Hype?
Saturday 3:00 PM 60 Everyone Breakout Session
Saturday 4:00 PM 90 TBD Workshop 4
Sunday 9:00 AM 30 Younghoo Lee and Joshua Saxe Detecting hand-crafted social engineering emails with a bleeding-edge neural language model
Sunday 10:00 AM 60 TBD Journal Club Live! Summoning Demons: The Pursuit of Exploitable Bugs in Machine Learning
Sunday 1:00 PM 60 Vahid Behzadan Faults in our Pi Stars: Security Issues and Challenges in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Sunday 2:00 PM 60 TBD Ethics & Bias Panel
Sunday 3:30 PM 30 TBd Closing Remarks


AI and Hiring Tech Panel

4 minute read

AI and ML is already being used to identify job candidates, screen resumes, assess worker productivity and even help tag candidates for firing. Can the inter...

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Gradient Attacks

11 minute read

Welcome to the second post in the AI Village’s adversarial machine learning series. This one will cover the greedy fast methods that are most commonly used. ...

Dimensionality and Adversarial Examples

11 minute read

Welcome to AI Village’s series on adversarial examples. This will focus on image classification attacks as they are simpler to work with and this series is m...

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