DEFCON 26 Las Vegas

The AI Village at DEFCON is a place where experts in AI and security (or both!) can come together to learn and discuss the use, and misuse, of artificial intelligence in traditional security. Artificial Learning techniques are rapidly being deployed in core security technologies like malware detection and network traffic analysis, but their use has also opened up a variety of new attack vectors against the systems that use them.

Using techniques such as Generative Adversarial Networks, would-be attackers could target non-traditional platforms, such as deep learning based image recognition systems used in self driving cars. These same attack methods could be leveraged to extract confidential training data from a deployed model itself, adding another layer of privacy and security risks to an ever-growing list of concerns.

The AI Village will explore these issues and encourage open discussion for possible solutions (and any interesting attacks the attendees can come up with). For those who would rather learn through practice, there will be multiple long & short practice workshop sessions available.

Talks & Workshops

We are sourcing for ~2 full days of 20-40 minute talks. Already have some great submissions but we always welcome more content. Submit to our CFP here. The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2018. We plan to respond to all submissions by email by 30 June 2018.


There will be two main contests held in our village. There will be prizes! (announced at a later date)


from Jeopardy!, for reference only

AI CTF is a jeopardy-style CTF with a variety of challenges themed around AI & data science in a security context. We will invite participants to compete for the highest score by solving a series of challenges with variying levels of difficulty.

Don’t worry, you won’t just be sitting down waiting for models to train ;) absolutely no experience in ML is necessary!

2. Pommerman Battlebowl


Pommerman is a “competitive multi-agent learning” game developed by a group of ML researchers (Cinjon Resnick, Denny Britz, David Ha, Jakob Foerster, Wes Eldridge etc.).

We will be hosting a booth with a large screen where participants can compete against multiple AI agents that other participants have trained and see who emerges triumphant.


Do you have an interesting tool to present at the village? We are having arsenal-style exhibits in the village where you will get the chance to showcase your tools & research to the world of security data scientists!

Here are some of the tools that will (tentatively) be presented in the village:

  • DEEP EXPLOIT (Isao Takaesu)

    DeepExploit is fully automated penetration tool linked with Metasploit. It identifies the status of all opened ports on the target server and executes the exploit at pinpoint using Machine Learning.

  • Ember (Endgame)

    Ember is an open source malware classifier And dataset that made waves across the security industry when released recently.

  • more on the way…

See you in Las Vegas August 10-12!