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AI Village @ DEF CON 27

  • Bally's Skyview 3 3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV, 89109 United States (map)

The AI Village at DEF CON is a place where experts in AI and security (or both!) can come together to learn and discuss the use, and misuse, of artificial intelligence in traditional security. Artificial Learning techniques are rapidly being deployed in core security technologies like malware detection and network traffic analysis, but their use has also opened up a variety of new attack vectors against the systems that use them.

Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Friday 10:00 AM 15 AI Village Organizers Opening Remarks
Friday 10:15 AM 30 TBA Misinformation Keynote
Friday 10:45 AM 30 Siwei Lyu Seeing is deceiving: The rise of AI-synthesized fake media
Friday 11:15 AM 45 Lauren Putvin Exploratory Data Analysis: Why and How (in Python)
Friday 12:00 PM 45 Jon Hawes A 'buyers guide' to the market promise of automagic AI-enabled detection and response
Friday 1:00 PM 30 Ryan Kovar, Dave Herrald, David Veuve Network defenders in a data scientist world
Friday 1:30 PM 45 Angelo Oliveira Fighting Malware with Deep Learning
Friday 2:15 PM 30 Yisroel Mirsky Automated Injection & Removal of Medical Evidence in CT and MRI Scans
Friday 2:45 PM 45 Ethan Rudd Loss Is More! Improving Malware Detectors by Learning Additional Tasks
Friday 3:30 PM 30 Walter Scheirer Backdooring Convolutional Neural Networks via Targeted Weight Perturbations
Friday 4:00 PM 30 Roei Amit, Tal Leibovich How to get over your malicious ex(tensions) using deep learning
Friday 4:30 PM 30 Hyrum Anderson, Ryan Kovar Competitions in Infosec/ML
Friday 5:00 PM120TBDAI Unwind
Saturday 10:00 AM 45 Rand Waltzman MD: Multimedia Disinformation - Is there a Doctor in the House?!
Saturday 10:45 AM 45 Jason Mancusco Machine Learning's Privacy Problem
Saturday 11:30 AM 30 Richard Harang, Ethan Rudd A Tutorial on Hacking Facial Recognition Systems
Saturday 1:30 PM 30 Kenya Yoshimura, Takahiro Yoshimura Clairvoyance: concurrent lip-reading for the smart masses
Saturday 2:00 PM 30 Barton Rhodes Securing your kubeflow clusters
Saturday 2:30 PM 30 Laurin Weissinger AI vs. Airplanes and IT-Security: What Security Regulations Teach Us About AI Governance
Saturday 3:00 PM 30 Anna Skelton Deepfakes, Deep Trouble: Analyzing the Effects of Deepfakes on Market Manipulation
Saturday 4:00 PM 45 Samantha Cole, Danielle Citron, Rumman Chowdhury, Brit Paris Deep Fakes Panel
Saturday 5:00 PM120TBDAI Unwind
Sunday 10:00 AM 30 Jesus Solano, David Camacho Behavioral Biometrics and Context Analytics: Risk Based Authentication Re-Imagined
Sunday 10:30 AM 45 Tal Leibovich, Shimon Noam Oren From Noisy, Distorted data-sets to excellent prediction models
Sunday 11:15 AM 45 Vahid Behzadan Faults in our Pi Stars: Security Issues and Challenges in Deep Reinforcement Learning
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