We are in the Caesar’s Forum in room 236. We are between the contest and merch areas on this map.

Map of the caesar forums

ML Evasion

The ML Evasion competition is back! Hyrum Anderson, Eugene Neelou, and Zoltan Balazs are running the Machine Learning Security Evasion Competition again this year. The competition starts August 12, but you should register for it earlier on the 25th. This is one of the premier ML security contests and has has inspired excellent research. See the announcement here for more details, and register here.

AI Art

We will have a booth for generative art, come make your own DALL-E style art. We’re devoting Saturday afternoon to art! If you want to show your art, please get in touch on the discord!

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DEFCON 30 schedule.

Day Start Time Length (Minutes) Primary Speaker Talk Title
Friday 9:00 AM 30 AI Village Organizers Opening Remarks on the State of AI & Security
Friday 9:30 AM 90 Gavin Klondike Automate Detection with Machine Learning
Friday 11:00 AM 60 Harini Kannan I’m not Keylogging you! Just some benign data collection for User Behavior Modeling
Friday 12:00 PM 60 Keith E. Sonderling Keynote
Friday 1:30 PM 30 Hyrum Anderson ML Security Evasion Competition Launch
Friday 2:00 PM 60 Nick Doiron The Chaos of Coding with Language Models
Friday 3:00 PM 60 Gal Sadeh LATMA - Lateral movement analyzer
Friday 4:00 PM 60 Rachel See, et al Panel: AI and Hiring Tech
Saturday 10:00 AM 60 Sudipto Rakshit A few useful things to know about AI Red Teams
Saturday 11:00 PM 60 Dr. Amanda Minnich Hands-on Hacking of Reinforcement Learning Systems
Saturday 12:00 PM 60 Salma Taoufiq and Ben Gelman A System for Alert Prioritization
Saturday 1:00 PM 60 Justin Hutchens CatPhish Automation - The Emerging Use of Artificial Intelligence in Social Engineering
Saturday 2:00 PM 60 Omar Santos, et. al. Panel: The Use of AI/ML in Offensive Security Operations
Saturday 3:00 PM 60 Dmitrijs Trizna Malware Classification With Machine Learning Enhanced by Windows Kernel Emulations
Saturday 4:00 PM 60 dadabots AI Music Tutorial and Show
Sunday 9:00 AM 90 Gavin Klondike Automate Detection with Machine Learning
Sunday 10:30 AM 60 Yuvaraj Govindarajulu Attacks on Tiny Intelligence
Sunday 11:30 AM 60 Taylor Kulp-Mcdowall AI Trojan Attacks, Defenses, and the TrojAI Competition
Sunday 12:30 AM 60 CTF Authors CTF Results and Q&A
Sunday 2:00 PM 60 AI Village Organizers Wrap Up