AI Village Panel Announcement

AI Village, 11 June 2018

With DEF CON just two months away, we’re excited to announce two panels that will be held at AI Village this year! Here’s what we have planned for attendees so far:

(Responsible?) Offensive Machine Learning

Panelists * @_delta_zero (Moderating) * @bodaceacat * @filar * @Straithe


Cool evil hacks using machine learning are exploding in popularity. Not all ML abuse looks like Terminators, but also DeepFakes, political impersonation, and distracting autonomous cars.

What does “Max Evil” in machine learning look like, really? What ethical boundaries and limitations exist in researching and implementing offensive use cases? Which holes in machine learning systems create the most incidental damage? And what can be done about all this?

Machine Learning and Malware Analysis Panel

Panelists * @bwall (Moderating) * @drhyrum * @gradient_janitor * @malwareunicorn * @rharang


Malware classification is one of the most successful uses of Machine Learning in the InfoSec industry. This panel will dive into following topic areas: What is the current state of the art for Machine Learning in Malware Classification? What are the biggest challenges currently present in the field? What does the future of malware classification look like? How can domain experts augment current malware classification efforts? What’s the best way to put humans “into the loop”?

Closing Notes

The CFP is still open! If you have something Machine Learning/AI/InfoSec related, submit here by June 15th (Friday!)

AI Village Accepted Talks

Max evil MLsec: why should you care?